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I invite  YOU to travel on ‘Self-respect road’, to cruise down ‘integrity

boulevard’, roll through ‘Responsibility and accountability turnpike’,

come to a full stop on ‘Self-control and self-worth avenue’, make a right

turn on ‘I Care About Somebody Else Parkway’ and pay the toll on the

‘Power To Choose HIghway’

As YOU approach destination Spring Break/

Christmas Break/ Homecoming/ Winter Break 

and Summer Break

cross over the ‘right thinking’ bridge that will allow YOU to

'Ignite YOUR moral compass.'


Make this New School year of  2022 Extra-ordinary. Be clear. Clarity can save your life. Don't drink and drive. 

Remember every choice has a consequence. 


Posted 2022

Drinking is a common practice when everybody is doing it. Here we are, getting ready to embark on another vacation: Spring Break 2023. Please do not let liquid in a bottle or liquid in a can be your downfall. You should decide not to be common. Make the decision to be UNIQUE, don't drink and drive!


Posted 2022

Peer pressure is an internal confrontation that you must have with yourself. Ultimately, you make the choice to go along to get along. Every individual is responsible for his or her own actions.


Posted  2022

CHOICE represents a bridge to your future. A choice can put you in jail and a choice can keep you out of jail. A choice can cause death and a choice can save a life. It's up to you to make the decision on which direction you're going to choose.


Posted Summer 2022

School is in session. New friends and old friends are back on the scene. Remember the importance of association. If you're someone who cares about your dreams drinking and driving should not be on your to-do list. Do not do anything to jeopardize your dreams. Enjoy the school year. Have fun, but be smart. Remember you always have the power to choose. Friends don't ask friends to hurt themselves.


Crisis Dramatist: Posted  2022

When you get behind the wheel of a car drunk, you turn your car into a death machine. That vehicle becomes a KILLER MACHINE. If you're a teen or a college student and you hurt someone or you kill someone, YOU ARE TO BLAME! It is your fault; yes, there are consequences. Usually, it’s going to prison. Saying “I'm sorry” does not mean a dam thing. I'm sorry doesn't bring anyone back.


Crisis Dramatist: 

Choice Power is something each and every one of us has. It's all about choice. You make the decision whether or not you are going to be an asset in society or a liability.

If you drink and drive, you make the decision to create mayhem or magnificence. When you are drunk, you are at DIMINISHED CAPACITY. Your ability to make responsible choices are reduced. Alcohol is a substance that causes you to have a PROGRESSIVE DECLINE in your thought process. Think about that!


Phyllis Helene: 

First, I would like to Thank you, internet friends for your encouraging comments.

My Educational stage plays are a literary vehicle to help young adults stand on excellence. I chose to write the POC Stage Play Collection because the crisis in the “Lack of Understanding CHOICE.” I created this series to help Young Adults understand the importance and relevance of CHOICE.

It is my belief that once an individual understands that every CHOICE has a consequence he or she can then step into responsibility and accountability. It is the responsible person who knows that he or she must be accountable for their actions. As we assist our youth to step into being responsible and accountable citizens we help them stand on excellence.

Once an individual has made the decision to stand on excellence, he or she has a moral compass. It's the Moral Compass that will Empower your son or daughter to handle peer pressure. Yes, Peer Pressure can be in your face or it can be subtle. Peer pressure is not only external; it is internal.

When I was a young adult I realized that peer pressure was internal confrontation, internal controversy and internal conflict. It is your High School teen or Your college adult son or daughter who must make that decision whether or not he or she will Go Along to Get Along. 

Each dramatic play in the “POC” series will implement the importance of responsibility, accountability and choice. My goal is to help our young adults stand on Excellence through the use of Dramatic Family Plays.

SPRING BREAK IS IN THE AIR- Teen Drinking and Driving is Everywhere!

Phyllis Helene:  SPRING 2023-  BE SMART

Yes, Spring Break is in the Air. It comes around this same time every year, and so does the 911 calls, the deaths, shattered lives and on, and on, and on.

How do we stop the vicious cycle? As parents, we must be real with our young adults. We have to let them know that stupid choices will change the dynamics of a family. We cannot be afraid to take away car keys, lock cars in the garage, issue metro cards if Driving is not respected or Grip a Child up if needed.

I'd rather my son or daughter have an attitude with me for a day, month or how ever long he or she likes. Because one thing is for sure, nine months or 24 months of punishment is better than being dead forever. Let's help the Young Adults in our lives choose a Fragrance that's sweet and healthy.

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Help address the issues that young adults face today with our POC Stage Play Collection. Please contact us to learn how you can purchase a license to use these for educational purposes.

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