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Founder-CEO Phyllis Helene

POC Digital Institute Mentors Through the Arts in Prince George’s County, Maryland offering educational decision-makers with a way to teach young adults about responsible living through socially relevant stage plays. We strive to work with key persons in high schools, community colleges, and universities worldwide such as:

  • High School Principals
  • High School Superintendents
  • Curriculum Advisors
  • University Drama Professors
  • University Curriculum Advisors
  • Alcohol Teen Rehabilitation Supervisors



If you can help young adults understand that drinking & driving turns a car into a killing machine, then you've empowered them with the knowledge to make a life-saving decision.

Hosted-Presented by Crisis Dramatist-the Life Coach Playwright

New Character Educational E-course: Ignite The Moral Compass (Excellent Literary Tool for your Resource Library)

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Mission Statement

The goal of the POWER OF CHOICE DIGITAL INSTITUTE is to help young adults choose to Stand on Excellence.

Meet Our Founder and Playwright

Phyllis Helene is a crisis dramatist, a life coach, and an NLP Practitioner and Playwright. With more than 15 years of experience in the dramatic literature industry, she uses her craft as a tool to inspire people, especially the youth, to be responsible and to challenge them to do what is right.

Phyllis is a graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Center for Media Arts, Hollywood Film Institute, American University of NLP Life Coach Program, and American Union of NLP Certified NLP Master Practitioner Program. She is also a Goddard MFA Creative Writing Graduate. She also hosts Raising Consciousness Radio (RCR).

As a result of our Elevation E-Courses young adults will be able to make integrity based decisions. I'm looking for Educators-Parents and Guardians who are looking to help their students make decisions to stand on excellence. Who do you know that can benefit from these courses?


Audio below 7 minute dramatic music Intro.

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